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Table detail
 Table detail 
  • Starters' buffet
  • Aperitif in the garden
  • Table detail
  • Buffet in the garden
  • Garden with musicians
  • The garden
What sort of reception are you dreaming of? A reception which sees your guests enjoying the best catering, comfortably seated in candle light? A party with some easy dishes and an informal buffet? Will there be music and dancing? We will guide you and help you to choose the best sort of reception for your tastes and those of your guests. A traditional luncheon or dinner with arranged seating is best for those who like to eat sitting down. 
The banquet: a big buffet table for appetisers and pre-dinner drinks, tables and chairs are provided but not planned; the first and second course are eaten in a separate room with arranged seating, dessert is taken back at the buffet.
The standing buffet: a decidedly informal choice, tables are arranged around a courtyard and guests can move around freely and stop to chat at tables or little sofas.
One you have chosen your reception, we will set a budget that meets your needs and from there we will organise the entire reception. We will arrange the menu with the precious help of our chef, choose the dishes you would like to offer your guests and the wines that best suit them. You will avoid having to use an agency to look after these details for you, seeing as their price increases depending on their refinement.
Relying on a specialised restaurant is a guarantee of quality, it creates an event within the event, avoiding unforeseen problems and saving considerable time and money. You will also save on renting the Villa as the cost will be included in the final price.

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